Dealing with Injury when Training

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Here a quick video on how to deal with an injury that you might get when training and what to do.


Don’t panic and get Stressed!!

Okay! I get it! You have been doing your stretch and your warm up but still its happened your injured! First thing u need to do is stop training and get out of the gym! The last thing you want to is make it worse! So take a moment to calm yourself, since stress will make your body release cortisol which will run havoc on your body system! Its not the end of the world and you will recovery, remember fitness is not a sprint it’s a marathon!

10Seek Medical care!

Depending on the severity of your injury you might need to seek medical help, if so get help, don’t let you ego or pride stop you getting the help you need, there is no shame in getting help! Dr’s are there for a reason, so use them!


So first we need to analysis what the issue is so ask yourself, “What were you doing when you hurt it?” and, “Can you show me specifically which movements cause pain?”  10Get Real
Take a moment and understand that we are not pro athletes and tomorrow is not the Olympics. When you are injured, your priority is dealing with your injury, or at the very least, not worsening it. If you are questioning whether or not you should be at the gym – GO HOME!!!

11Focus On Recovery
Use your time at home to work your recovery. Recovery does not mean sitting still. It could mean using a foam roller and a lacrosse ball to work out muscle spasms or adhesions. It could mean icing for 10-20 minutes at the top of every hour. It could mean visiting your chiropractor, massage therapist or yoga instructor. It could mean visiting your doctor and having diagnostic tests run. It does mean, without a doubt, listening to your body and being nice to it.

12Be Reasonable
If you choose to stay at the gym and work around your injury, then really work around it and make sure your coach is aware of the situation. Do not do things that only “hurt a little.” If it hurts, stop doing it. If you are hurting it, you are not healing it. Yes, it might feel better once you get going into the workout, but that has more to do with endorphin’s and than it does with whether or not you are causing damage and preventing healing. This does not mean you cannot move around at all, but do not do things that cause pain.
13Don’t Create Other Injuries
If you are dealing with an injury requiring a long healing period, a shoulder injury for example, be careful you do not cause other injuries or imbalances in your training. If your left shoulder is hurt and you spend three months only working your right arm and right shoulder, you are setting yourself up for future problems. It is not just your arms, but your back, hips, and legs that will be affected by this constant unbalanced unilateral movement. In this scenario, you are better off focusing on lower body and core exercises, but be careful!!.

14There Is No Quick Fix
As with most things in life, we are in a hurry to get to the next step and injury recovery is no different. Beware of the quick fix. I have had clients come to me saying their doctor wanted to give them a cortisone shot. Unless you are playing the Super Bowl tomorrow, there is no reason for you to get a cortisone shot. In my experience it only allows you to train through the pain and worsen the injury. Likewise, beware of painkillers in general. If you want to take something, double or triple your fish oil and deal with the inflammation aspect of your injury.15If It Hurts, Stop. It’s Just Not Worth It.
This one is worth repeating. For the vast majority of us, we work out for fun or because we are committed to a certain level of health. We are not professional athletes, nor for the most part even competitive amateur athletes. Our priorities in our lives are different from a pro-athlete and therefore our priorities in the gym should be also.

Take the time necessary to heal properly; it will serve you in both your performance and your quality of life for years to come. So what do you think? Did i miss something, Leave your interesting comments below and let’s have a discussion!

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