8 Tips To Having A Healthier Easter!

Its that time of year, spring is here and out comes the chocolates! Now when it comes to Easter, it’s way easy to go crazy with the chocolate eggs, bars and hot cross buns. An average chocolate egg weighs about 200 grams and have around 60 grams of sugar, 30 grams of fat averaging about 600 calories per egg. Taking a few seconds to eat but about an hour to burn it off!

Let’s get a grip this Easter with 8 healthy tips, below are some tips that i found useful!

1 Keep an eye on your Portions
You will eat chocolate, that’s a given… but just remember portion control. Instead of eating large eggs at hourly intervals (which can be up to a third of your daily intake if you are trying to lose weight), buy individually wrapped mini eggs. The process of unwrapping each small egg is more time consuming and will make you more aware of the treats you are consuming.

2 Choose Quality Over Quantity
Step away from the cheap foil-wrapped bunny and exchange it for some dark, good quality chocolate. Ideally something with at least 70 per cent dark cocoa which has the added bonus of antioxidants (milk chocolate has none). The high levels of cocoa have also been shown to lower blood pressure due to the large amounts of flavonoids.
If you want to take your health kick a step further over Easter, head to your local health food store and get yourself some raw organic cacao nibs; these cocoa beans are straight from the source and are the foundation for all chocolate and cocoa products.
The nutritional benefits of raw cacao products include being a source of: beta-carotene, amino acids (protein), omega-3s, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, sulfur, potassium, and one of the best food sources of muscle-relaxing and stress-relieving magnesium. Other good news is that it is only 92 calories and 0.54gm of sugar per 15gm serve!

Suggested uses: eat as raw nibs or add to your cooking (use instead of chocolate chips), add to your smoothies or grind with your coffee beans.
Feeling creative? Why not make your own healthy chocolate?

Raw Homemade Chocolates
Recipe by Lee Sutherland – Director of Fitness In The City

¾ cup coconut oil (it needs to be liquid so if solid put jar in hot water to melt)
¾ cup agave nectar (you can also combine honey/maple syrup/agave)
1 cup of raw cacao powder (organic cocoa powder is another option)
1 tbsp IsoWhey® Ivory Coast Chocolate protein powder
1 tbsp of almond butter
1/3 tsp vanilla extract

1. Place liquid coconut oil in a bowl – if hard, melt beforehand.
2. Mix all ingredients together with a hand blender until smooth.
3. Pour chocolate mixture into molds or pour into a baking dish lined with baking paper.
4. Place moulds into freezer to be set (approximately 15 minutes).
Options: add goji berries or peppermint oil for a flavour change.

3 Start the day with High fibre and protein
On breakfast that is. Make sure you start the day right with a protein-and-fibre-rich breakfast so you aren’t reaching for a chocolate an hour later. Never eat Easter eggs on an empty stomach (i.e. for breakfast!) as this will cause havoc to your blood sugar levels for the rest of the day. Think veggie-and-protein-packed omelette or a protein shake with berries, chia seeds and a handful of spinach leaves to get your day started the right way.

4 Don’t follow everyone, make your own Easter
Sure it’s traditional to give chocolates at Easter but why not give a gift that lasts (and no, this doesn’t include cellulite or unwanted fat). Rethink the basket of eggs and swap it for a basket of beautiful local fruit. How about a pot of herbs for a gift that keeps giving? Get in the kitchen and whip up some homemade treats such as bliss balls – healthy and considerate!

5 Snack regularly
Snack on something small and healthy every 3-4 hours. This will help balance your blood sugar levels, which in turn will help avoid that nasty energy drop associated with eating chocolate for breakfast. Foods that cause a spike in blood sugar are generally refined sugar and carbohydrates (aka chocolate and hot cross buns). They cause the body to produce insulin, which makes you crave food constantly, leading to weight gain and a variety of health conditions including diabetes.
The key to a balanced snack is to always included the three macro-nutrients: protein, carbohydrates and good fats.

Snack options:
• Natural yogurt with berries and walnuts. Add a scoop of protein powder for an extra power punch.
• Hummus with vegetable sticks.
• A homemade meat pattie with a small side salad.
• An apple with a teaspoon of almond butter and a drizzle of honey.
• Small bowl of vegetable and barley soup.
•  Shaved turkey, sliver of avocado wrapped in lettuce.
• Banana smoothie with milk/nut milk; linseed, sunflower and almond mix (LSA); scoop of protein powder (go for a natural option); cinnamon and ice.

6 Plan ahead!!
Make sure you stock the fridge so there are always healthy options on hand. When hunger calls and you have nothing but a giant chocolate bunny in the house to eat, your willpower will lose every time. Have pre-made delicious options ready to go, and don’t space meals too far apart. Got kids? Remind them that the Easter Bunny eats carrots as a great in-between snack option.

7 Keep Hydrated
Need another reason to drink water? Research has shown that by increasing water consumption by 1.5 litres a day, you can burn an extra 17,400 calories per year. Additionally, a study by Dr Brenda Davy, an associate professor at Virginia Tech, found that people who drank water before a meal consumed an average of 75 fewer calories at that meal. Another glass anyone?

8 Burn off that egg
To counterbalance the extra calorie intake over Easter it is important to exercise every day, whether it be a beach walk, sprint session, bike ride with the family, a game of cricket or a home workout – just move that body!
You don’t have to waste hours of your day either; choose intense interval training which will burn more in a shorter time-frame!

Calories Burned

To burn off a 50g chocolate bunny (approximately 275 calories):
• Power walk with the dog for 85 minutes
• Dance up a storm for 56 minutes
• Swim freestyle for 36 minutes
• Jump on the cross-trainer for 33 minutes
• Clean the house intensely for 70 minutes.

To burn off a 25g chocolate egg:
• Go for a brisk 30 minutes walk
• Jog/skip/box for 15 minutes
To burn off a 100g chocolate egg:
• Go for a brisk 2 hour walk
• Run/skip/box for 1 hour.

Know your Eggs!

Below is the nutritional values for the most popular eggs available!

Rank (by sugar content) Egg Saturated fat per 100g Sugar per 100g
1 Green & Black’s organic dark 70% chocolate egg 165g 25 28.5
2 Green & Black’s organic milk chocolate egg 165g 21.5 45.5
3 Green & Black’s organic butterscotch egg 165g 20.5 47.5
4 Waitrose Woodland Friends Ollie the Owl 21.8 50.2
5 Lindt Gold Bunny Egg Milk Chocolate 125g 22 51
6 Thorntons Footy Fan Chocolate Egg 150g 19 54
6 Thorntons Miss Flutterby 149g 20 54
8 Thorntons Milk Chocolate Classics Collection Easter Egg 223g 19 55
9 Celebrations Large Egg 248g 14.4 55.3
10 Cadbury Creme Egg Medium Easter Egg 138g 18.5 56
10 Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg Heads Easter Egg 77g 18.5 56
10 Cadbury Dairy Milk Small Easter Egg 72g 18.5 56
10 Cadbury Double Decker Large Easter Egg 307g 18.5 56
10 Cadbury Heroes Large Easter Egg 274g 18.5 56
10 Cadbury Mini Eggs Medium Easter Egg 130g 18.5 56
10 Cadbury Roses Large Easter Egg 300g 18.5 56
10 Cadbury Twirl Large Easter Egg 282g 18.5 56
10 Cadbury Wispa Large Easter Egg 269g 18.5 56
19 Nestlé Milkybar White Chocolate Egg 65g 19.1 56.8
20 Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Chocolate Caramels 155g 16.2 57.8
20 Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Mini Jelly Beans 175g 16.2 57.8
20 Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Rainbow Buttons 170g 16.2 57.8
23 Galaxy Minstrels Large Chocolate Easter Egg 262g 17.3 58.3
23 Maltesers Medium Chocolate Easter Egg 127g 17.3 58.3
23 Maltesers Teasers Large Chocolate Easter Egg 248g 17.3 58.3
23 Snickers Milk Chocolate Large Easter Egg And Chocolate 274g 17.3 58.3
27 Nèstlè Quality Street Honeycomb Crunch Easter Egg 162g 17 60.1
28 Nèstlè Kit Kat Bites Easter Egg And Chocolate 245g 17.5 61.2
28 Nèstlè Kit Kat Chunky Egg 140g / 17.5 / 61.2 17.5 61.2
30 Smarties Medium Egg 122g / 16.4 / 61.7 16.4 61.7

So what do you guys think? How will you be spending your Easter and what tactic will you use to keep it healthy? leave your interesting comments below and lets have discussion.

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