Smart & Fit

We are Smart and Fit, a Fitness company with a difference. Unlike everyone else we don’t just look to help you get fit but we understand that personal growth comes from development of both the body and mind. .

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!!!!!
My name is Danny Mohan and I am a Medical scientist, Super Nerd, Hard-core gamer and fitness specialist.
I am here to help my fellow Nerds, Intellects, Gamers, Good heart guys/girls and people who have a passion for knowledge regards of your field!! I want to show you that you don’t have to be a “douche bag” or “meat head” to have an epic body! Together we can Level up both online and offline for life!

I am not here to lecture you with “Bull Sh*t” advise to sell you “pseudoscience”/”bro-science” product, by trainers who are on steroids and lie about so that they can sell you a s*** workout program.

I am here to help guide you with both my medical/fitness knowledge and personal experience.

About My Journey

Like a lot people, I spent most my life as an obese person, being picked on thought out my younger years both at school and at home, this resulted me in having very little self-confidence and belief, doubting that I could ever become anything.

To help deal with the bullying, racism and loneliness I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and at my biggest I weight over 155 kg (342 lb/25 st) and classed as morbidly obese. I spent over 15 years as obese or over with many types of eating disorders. I was told by my doctor that I was at high risk of becoming full blown diabetic, developing heart murmurs and dying at a very young age if I didn’t do anything about.

Also like a lot of people I trying to losing weight, and tried everything, from fab dieting to doing lots of cardio, which resulted me in yo-yoing, losing some weight and putting even more back on. This led me to developing bad health habits.

Only when I focused and I spent years studying medical and fitness science I was able to overcome my bad habits and eating disorder.

Why I LOVE Nerds, Intellects, Gamers and YOU!

During my darkest times, I found escape in the world of gaming and comics. They not only gave me an escape but helped me feel like I had purpose, for once I felt important and like my life had meaning. This allowed me to feel what it felt like to be a hero. From that I was able to start to develop my self-confidence.
Then during my university years I was lucky to meet with people who didn’t judge me for my obesity, but were Nerds like me and enjoyed discussion rather than judgement. To feel that acceptance regardless of my appearance. My experience with my nerd/gamer/intellects culture are full of good hearted people, whose body doesn’t represent their inner beauty and awesomeness.
So thanks you for being you and lets Co-op this thing called fitness and unlock achievement/trophies for TITANS of Life!

My Transformation

(Smart & Fit members are natural athletes, our Workout Programs, Products and advice is designed for natural transformations.
We DO NOT use or sell any illegal substances such as Anabolic Steroid, we never have and never will!
We are 100% Natural and loving it!)

Life Post Obesity

After losing more than half of my body weight it really changed everything.

From simple things like getting out of bed without joint pains, to be able to buy clothes at normal shops without having to find XXXL or place special order from only shops.

Not only does is the daily active much easier to do (such as showering or walking back from the shops) but also I have massive amount of energy now (like the energizer bunny) whereas before i would feel tired all the time and need to constantly eat junk just to feel better.

Also when it comes to mental attitude, being fit helped me develop my confidence, which in turn helped me with every aspect of my life from starting my own business to getting into relationship with some wonderful women. Being fitter is like being a version two of myself!

Thanks to my transformation i have been able to take part and performed actives that i would always dream about, such as running a marathon (Great north run, completed in 1:30min without stopping!), to skydiving (was epic!). Having a fit body has allowed me to take part in adventures that i would only be able to do in video games.

To keep it simple, thanks to this transformation I feeling be able to feel happy with being me!

Finally Words!

“I have been a FAT MAN and I have been a FIT MAN, and I choose FIT every time. Because, At least as a FIT man, when I have to face my problems, I show up with a body made from Iron and will carved out of Stone!!!”